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      1. 昆山市大鵬精密機械有限公司

        0512-55001889    55007849 dpjxks-li@china-die-cutting.com

        雙座反光膜雙面膠膜透明膜貼合機復合機 雙座反光膜雙面膠膜透明膜貼合機復合機

        • Product Description
        According to the above tide drawing with the following special features.
        ? The unwinding and rewinding shaft are tightened by using compressed air.  氣漲軸
        ? For unwinding, magnetic powder brakes are used 磁粉制動器應用于放卷
        ? For rewinding ( include release liner rewind), magnetic powder clutch and motor are used.磁粉離合器和電機應用于收卷
        ? An AC motor is used for the finish roll. 收卷用AC電機
        ? The speed of lamination is between 10 and 35 meters per minute.復合速度1035米每分鐘
        ? The brakes tension can be adjusted. 張力可調
        ? The laminating speed is adjustable. 復合速度可調
        ? The diameter of the laminating rollers should be 120mm. 貼合輥的直徑需得120mm
        ? The material are the laminating rollers is PU rubber, 85--95 hardness.  PU膠輥的硬度為85--95
        ? In addition, 2 rolls with a polished surface are supplied. The upper rolls of the laminating unit can be
        exchanged.   需要另外配2個拋光鍍鉻表面的貼合輥,上部的膠輥可取下用拋光鍍鉻輥代替
        ? There are two air-cylinders to let the laminating roller up and down. The air-cylinder pressure can be
        manually adjusted for the pressure. 有兩個氣缸來調整貼合輥的上下, 氣缸壓力可調
        ? Necessary electrical power is 380V 50HZ 3Phase. 電壓
        ? The machine main unwinding shaft has automatic rectification function (web alignment). 主軸自動糾偏
            other shaft with fine tuning device manually move left and right 其他手動微調
        ? The machine has the function PLC control (like to automatic count diameter and control tension etc.) 
           PLC 控制, 可自動計算直徑調整張力等
        ? The machine has touch screen operation 機器有觸摸屏來操作

        electric brand list 

        touch screen MCGSCHINA
        magnetic powder SHENGDACHINA
        ultrasonic rectificationXINMINGCHINA
        Air cylinderAirTACTAIWAN
        Max widthMax unwind Diametermax rewinding diameterlaminating rollers diameter
        320mm 400 mm500mm120mm
         power (kw)speed (m/min)size (mm)weight (kg)
        610-35about 2200*1100*1300 about  400

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